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ONE: The QUOTE received from GEM STUDIO is in accordance with the information you provided to us in your service request. Upon receiving it, you must review all the details included in it, focusing mainly on the Concepts (Items), Rate and Total Prices, Payment Terms and Schedule (with emphasis on DATE, TIME and PLACE of the photo session). As CONFIRMATION of the offer, the CUSTOMER will make the DEPOSIT as detailed in the “Breakdown and Payment Schedule”.
1.A. Once the CUSTOMER receives the QUOTE for the Service, he has a period of up to TWO (2) days to confirm and make the deposit.

WE RECOMMEND: Make the deposit as soon as possible, since, if another client wants to reserve the same date, and makes their deposit before, preference will be given to the client who paid first.

TWO: Once the DEPOSIT has been made, the CLIENT will not be able to make changes to the Offer and the cancellation of the Photo Session will imply a loss of the DEPOSIT.

THREE: It is important that once the date, time and place have been agreed, not to make changes without prior consent. If date changes are required by the CLIENT, for reasons of force majeure, it is important to notify in advance, taking into account that the availability of another date cannot be guaranteed.

FOUR: BOTH PARTIES (Client - Studio Staff) have the obligation to attend and arrive on time to the Photo Session. In case of any of the following situations, we state the procedures and charges:

  1. If THE CUSTOMER does not arrive on the agreed day and time, the STAFF is removed and there is no return of the DEPOSIT. In this case, if you want to schedule a new date, you must make the DEPOSIT again.

  2. If THE CLIENT notifies, prior to their appointment, of a delay of no more than 30 minutes, the STAFF will remain in the studio/location while waiting. This waiting time between the agreed time and the client's arrival time will generate an additional charge, calculated at $1.00 per minute.

  3. If the Photo Session is paused due to the wait for another person who must participate, the extra time to the agreed time for the service will generate an additional charge, calculated at $ 1.00 per minute

  4. During the Photographic Service provided at Events, any extra time beyond the contracted hours will generate an additional charge calculated at $2.50 per minute (within the first 30 minutes after the contracted time). After half an hour, the CLIENT will have an additional charge for the full value of 1 Event Hour ($175.00 to $200.00)

4.A. If for any reason the PHOTOGRAPHER does not arrive (or) arrives late for the photo session, GEM STUDIO will fully return the DEPOSIT given by the CLIENT.

WE RECOMMEND: In case of eventualities, it is better to have urgent contact, to be able to notify of changes, delays or last minute issues. If weather, traffic or other conditions beyond the control of the CLIENT or the STUDIO prevent us from carrying out the photo session, a new date will be agreed upon that both parties will have available, without generating additional CHARGES.


ONE: The value of the DEPOSIT will be deducted from the total price of the service. In this way, THE CLIENT will pay the rest of the amount on the agreed day for the session.

TWO: If your service package includes more than one date or type of photo session, the terms and percentages to be paid on each occasion will be established in the INVOICE.

THREE: The following cases may generate other additional charges to the amount reflected on your INVOICE:
a)- Change of location for outdoor sessions. (Rate based on mileage)
b)- Overtime for your session in an outdoor studio or at an event. ($100 per hour)
c)- Use of other decorative elements, canvas and costumes not previously agreed upon.
d)- By adding other quantities of digital photos, digital delivery media, formats or printing media to your offer. (In such case a supplement will be issued to this INVOICE).

3.A. Additional charges will be paid at the end of the Photo Session.

FOUR: NON-PAYMENT (or) DELAY in payment of the amount agreed on your invoice, as well as additional charges generated by the cases mentioned in the previous sections, WILL COMPROMISE the delivery times of your photographs regardless of the formats.


ONE: After the session is over, our team will download the photographs and make a pre-selection with the best shots. During the 3 days after the session, we will send you screenshots of those photographs so that you can make the final selection, according to the number of photos in your package.

TWO: The photos selected by you will be the ones that are edited.

THREE: The screenshots sent to you cannot be published on social networks, because they are not the finished product.

FOUR: You can select a larger number of photos than your invoiced and paid package. In that case we will issue a supplement to your invoice.


ONE: Delivery time varies depending on the contracted package and is specified in the Schedule of your service (see invoice).

-Digital Photos (10 to 15 days after selection)

-Printed Photos (21 to 45 days after selection)

1.A. Delivery time may be longer in the case of PRINTED PHOTOGRAPHS, PHOTOBOOKS, CANVAS or any product that is outside our production. The client will be notified in writing of any unforeseen event that may arise.

1.B. Print formats added to your invoice as a SUPPLEMENT to the service (which are not contained in the current INVOICE), may have a longer delivery time. If you add SUPPLEMENTS in this regard to this invoice, our STAFF will specify the delivery times for them.

TWO: It is the CUSTOMER's obligation to collect the purchased products (PRINTED PHOTOGRAPHS, PHOTOBOOKS, CANVAS or OTHER PHOTOGRAPHY SUPPORTS) within the agreed time. GEM STUDIO is not responsible for more than 30 days for products that the customer has not collected.

THREE: Digital photographs will be delivered to clients according to the agreed support (EMAIL, WHATSAPP, SHARE DRIVE, CD, PENDRIVE, ...) Once delivered, THE STUDIO is not responsible for backing up the information, since any means of backup may fail.

WE RECOMMEND: That digital files be backed up by the client after delivery, on disks, digital memories or in a digital cloud service.

The Terms and Conditions of service will be attached to your Invoice. If you would like to receive a digital copy sooner, request it:


(502) 410-8769


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